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"Software projects should only be estimated in days, weeks, months or years.

Not a specific number of weeks, mind you. Just saying "It'll take weeks" or "It's months worth of work" is as good as it gets."

-- Johan Oskarsson

An interesting take on and this whole fuss about and 👍 While I do adore behind BTC and ETH and latest enhancement of appending transactions with additional metadata (even multimedia files) to make - just as with all impementations need to choose right tools for right problems. There is simply no chance ENS will ever replace DNS - let's be realistic.

Nextcloud Talk: Screensharing, online meetings & web conferencing without data leaks.

Enterprises, educational institutes and private users can immediately benefit from a decentralized, ad-free, surveillance-free communication experience!

Learn more:

Planning development when estimating effort is hard, concentrate on do we know HOW to do first, and only then see HOW MUCH it takes. Backlog for Technical Debt is usually more than one track - typically it's a graph. - Kevlin Henney at

Build Stuff - Software Development Conference 2021 streaming live, tune it 🤓 Grady Booch (esp. known for development of Unified Modeling Language) keynote now 🤩

After NVIDIA proprietary driver upgrade on @ubuntu to 470.82.00 Prime setups should now have audio sending to HDMI again 👍Works with GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Mobile and @linuxmint 🤓 @gamingonlinux

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Don't get mislead by "Microsoft ❤️ Open Source" tag - that is not something top decision makers there live by. It takes years for Steve Ballmer's (who called Linux, the flagship open source project, "cancer") reek to fade away and apparently mindset hasn't shifted enough. Will it ever? 🤔 That is why I'm never quick to fall for something like VSCode and similar important daily tools. :microsoft:

Since :writefreely: supports MathJax, maybe it would easily integrate MermaidJS for convenient graphing? 🤓 I really like them on Gitea :gitea: Would spend some time on Pull Request for sure 😊 @matt @writeas_dev

“Apple and Google agreed to demands from the Russian government to remove a strategic voting app developed by opposition leader Alexei Navalny from the iOS and Android app stores.

Apple then disabled its Private Relay feature (which enhances web browsing privacy) for users in Russia. Google also removed YouTube videos giving advice on how to vote strategically in the elections.”

Big Tech will choose profit over democracy and human rights every time.


Apple’s photo scanning program breaks encryption, endangering the privacy and security of users. Don’t take our word for it—watch a livestream panel discussion with representatives from human, digital, and children’s rights groups:

Yikes! Since the DNS records of Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp can't be resolved anymore, every device with one of their apps installed is now actively DDoSing recursive DNS resolvers.

This may cause problems... for the entire internet.

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With #Facebook down, where are the conspiracies about Facebook being down going to spread? :thaenkin:

Facebook and it's services (Instagram, WhatsApp) are experiencing major outage. Perfect time to consider ditching them and moving to ethical networks 🧐

#RouterFreedom is vital for #NetNeutrality. Here you can learn why.

Visit our interactive #map to monitor the status of Router Freedom in

Protecting Router Freedom has been one of our priorities since 2013.

It’s time to break our broken phone habit. 📱💥

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