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Robocop as a Transformer would be Stopimus Crime.

Didn't think it's so difficult without mod_rewrite - indeed is way more easy compared to 🤔 This time was solving issue with 🤓

Auto.Coffee is now able to federate via ActivityPub standard.


The CERN uses ownCloud for synchronizing the data from the particle collider. Watch their lightning talk on what they do different:


innovation conference in Vilnius - one of my favourite events I come back every year for new ideas, inspiration and meeting trend setters. This year most interested to hear whistleblower Christopher Wylie and former Estonian president Toomas Hendrik Ilves. By the way, still remember @aral speech about UX in 2011 at Vilnius 🤩🇱🇹

Two day innovation festival LOGIN 2019 starts this morning at Litexpo – the biggest exhibition and congress venue in Vilnius.

#PeerTube 1.3 released 🎉

Adds playlist support, videos quarantine system (auto blacklist videos on upload) , Japanese & Nederlands & Português (Portugal) support, better instance's followers management and many more!

We also updated the documentation website:
We hope it's clearer than before.

Thanks to all PeerTube contributors 😘

For the first time set up on server as regular HTTP server and not just reverse proxy. Must say I was too much used to 😁 Still, it's difficult to get used to the fact .htaccess is not available - no wonder why Apache HTTPD is so popular and I will definitely continue to use both 🤓

Q: What's a network security person's favorite mayonnaise?

A: Diffie-Hellmans!

Would you enjoy differently-sized headings, blockquotes, code blocks, bullet point lists and other rich text features in toots on your home feed?

(Screenshot follows in next toot)

Did you know Google owns Top Level Domains DEV, APP and few more? In fact Amazon applied for DEV, but came to an undisclosed agreement with Google. Afterwards, Amazon owns BOOKS domain. Full list of all TLDs:

"A report last week about Fxmsp hacker group claiming access to the networks and source code of three antivirus companies with offices in the U.S. generated from alleged victims statements that are disputed by the firm that sounded the alarm."

Fxmsp Chat Logs Reveal Hacked Antivirus Vendors -

Firefox update already available on Ubuntu repositories, make sure to apt-get update :ubuntu:

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Microsoft apparently still doesn't quite understand the concept of case-sensitivity in filenames & URLs and just changed to, in turn breaking a ton of canonical URLs and references.

It's incredible how shortsighted and oblivious a company of that size can be, really 🙄

TIL: #bash provides pseudo devices for TCP and UDP connections:

echo "hello" > /dev/udp/


exec 5<>/dev/tcp/
echo -e "GET / HTTP/1.0\n" >&5
cat <&5

I'm baffled how I've never discovered that until today.

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