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As I wrap up standalone accounts on @snap_as, I'm thinking about how to quickly build a minimally viable open source version that can be included in your WriteFreely instance.

Most likely, it'll be a Go library with a few frontend features added to WF for uploading and managing files.

Still, it's early and not entirely thought-out yet, so no guarantees it'll be out soon. Just some thoughts for now.

Your guide to alternative frontends for Mastodon and Pleroma

Tired of running the same old interface on your Pleroma or Mastodon instance? Check out these alternative web clients!

Anyone aware of good Google reCaptcha alternatives preferably with plugin already?

Build @write_as :writefreely: on :redhat: - my draft walkthrough at @gytis 😊 Would be very grateful for feedback, will pull-request afterwards to @writeas_dev git repo :linux: @matt

So many exciting things happening with ActivityPub projects recently!

- mastodon adds registration api
- pleroma stable release, tons of updates
- prismo has a new logo and version
- anfora has a surge of recent development
- florence gaining traction
- fedilab adds support for non-masto projects
- funkwhale hosts sync meetings to coordinate project dev
- WriteAs announces WriteAs Labs
- Spritely releases Golem demo

And lots more! #activityPub

Trying out @Mastodon 2.8.0 poll functionality. How do you pull code?

Let's do a deep dive in the big data and drill down until we hyperlocalize some disruptive technologies 🤪 ©

Finally @protonmail Android app shows mail headers 😁 I am always curious to see what mail servers were involved in transport 🤓

@snap_as source is probably not available for setting up own instance..? Would be so cool to use from own instance of 🤓 @gytis @write_as @writeas_dev

Hope some day there will be @pixelfed alternative in vanilla PHP... I'm having a hard time with all those Laravels, composers, artisans, horizons... Nasty! Plain old PHP is the best 😁 @pixeldev

Fellows at fediverse, have you been using to host audio podcasts? 🤔 I am getting ready to start one about and 🤓 @Chocobozzz @goofy

Been using Apache + FastCGI + PHP for years, time to learn something new and setup Nginx + php-fpm while still having separate system users for each site. Sources say php-fpm is very fast, so will see 😁

Registered at @peertube translation system to contribute to Lithuanian translation 😊 Also very much looking forward to having templates system 🤔

Have you ever decided not to install an Android app because you were afraid it would phone home? Tell Google to let you disable network access to your apps. #FixItAlready

Did you know Xiaomi Roborock vacuum cleaner robot runs pretty much full featured Ubuntu? How safe is Xiaomi Aqara gateway and it's Zigbee protocol? More about IoT security in excellent analysis by Dennis Giese: and 👍

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