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@snap_as source is probably not available for setting up own instance..? Would be so cool to use from own instance of 🤓 @gytis @write_as @writeas_dev

Hope some day there will be @pixelfed alternative in vanilla PHP... I'm having a hard time with all those Laravels, composers, artisans, horizons... Nasty! Plain old PHP is the best 😁 @pixeldev

Friendica has just been updated to version 2019.03

If you haven't tried Friendica lately, this might be a good time to take a look.

Some places to sign up:

It's the Fediverse's Facebook alternative, with a similar interface and features (photo galleries, events, groups etc).

You can follow people on ActivityPub (Mastodon etc.) and RSS feeds too.

You can also use it through the the Fedilab app (@tom79).


Fellows at fediverse, have you been using to host audio podcasts? 🤔 I am getting ready to start one about and 🤓 @Chocobozzz @goofy

Been using Apache + FastCGI + PHP for years, time to learn something new and setup Nginx + php-fpm while still having separate system users for each site. Sources say php-fpm is very fast, so will see 😁

Registered at @peertube translation system to contribute to Lithuanian translation 😊 Also very much looking forward to having templates system 🤔

#Carnet is a free open alternative to Google Keep. It includes text, images, audio, todo lists and syncing features.

It's currently available for Android (on Google Play and F-Droid), Linux, and NextCloud.

You can follow it here:


You can find out more and contribute on its git page:

The lead developer is here:


#GoogleKeep #Alternatives

Have you ever decided not to install an Android app because you were afraid it would phone home? Tell Google to let you disable network access to your apps. #FixItAlready

Did you know Xiaomi Roborock vacuum cleaner robot runs pretty much full featured Ubuntu? How safe is Xiaomi Aqara gateway and it's Zigbee protocol? More about IoT security in excellent analysis by Dennis Giese: and 👍

"serious flaw in Medtronic cardio defibrillators that allows attackers to use radio communications to surreptitiously take full control of the lifesaving devices after they are implanted in a patient"

Is there a guide about installing @pixelfed instance? Apparently on website docs are in to-be-written state 🤔

Planning to run @pixelfed instance, registered for it 😊 This will complete my full set of tools: @gytis (notes), @gytis (videos) and also blog compatible with at @gytis 🤓

think of the websites you use on a daily basis. youtube, mastodon, github... imagine how much better they'd be without javascript. imagine if you were able to click a "reload" button in the mastodon timeline iframe instead of letting it automatically update with bloated JS. imagine if servers with hundreds of thousands of users rendered everything on the server side. imagine if your timeline updated with a meta refresh tag. imagine if every fave, boost, reply, et cetera initiated its own synchronous HTTP request and required a full page reload. that would be heaven on earth

imagine if the gmail webapp didn't exist and you instead had a single page with links to other pages to individually load your email. no keybinds, no lazy loading, no toggling images, no attachment warnings... just pure HTTP. it would be beautiful. so minimalist that you could run it on a flip phone. and isn't that what we all want? in today's modern day and age, where mobile phones are massively more powerful than the computers of two decades ago, we *need* to ensure that every website runs like butter on a pentium II PC with 64MB of memory, no matter how complex. what's that? you want to make a video streaming service? fuck you. we already have icecast and other internet streaming standards. provide a link to the stream and a download link for VLC. this is how things should be


The Winamp Skins Collection at the is now past 62,000 skins, with the vast majority containing screenshots, AND, if you go to the page for them, they'll boot up a javascript version of the Winamp player in your browser, using that skin.

Wondering when beta version of @remark_as will be available 🤓 So much looking forward to federated Disqus alternative 👍

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