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@geekgonecrazy @ubuntu Personally for me good start with Linux Mint was due to Cinnamon which is continution of good old Gnome 2 traditions. Later on I find myself on Mate which became much more stable recently. Key factor choosing over plain @ubuntu is Kernel management app and mintupdater which makes version updates so easy 👍

@geekgonecrazy For me it's @ubuntu based for laptops and PCs (preferably Linux Mint Mate) and CentOS for servers. I find RPM distros more stable and friendlier to troubleshoot (maybe because I have more experience with them), but DEB based ones simply are easier for end users esp. when it comes to libraries, drivers, etc. I do like Fedora's approach to software licencing attitude though 👍

Looking for image resize tips for impementation in @webimg found very interesting article in - folks used and to make high performance media proxy:

I was surprised that NYTimes still manages to detect Chrome Incognito mode (I thought Chrome had fixed that bug), so I dug in. How do they do it? It's actually pretty clever:

- Firefox: indexedDB throws an error in private browsing
- Safari: localStorage is disabled
- Edge/IE: indexedDB is null
- Chrome: estimate the available storage quota, if it's lower than ~125MB, then it's Incognito

If you run Bind DNS server on machine that has multiple IPs, make sure master server has the same IP address on listen-on and notify-source - the latter is actually the one used to notify slaves 🤓

Germany approves Gpg4KDE and Gpg4win for the transmission and processing of National Classified Information: KMail and Kleopatra are officially deemed secure for the transmission of confidential state messages.

OpenPush - A Free, Decentralized Push Messaging Framework for Android

(The embedded video doesn't play because of a strict CSP policy, if you want to watch it, you'll need to click through to the #FOSDEM talk page)

The ProtonVPN APK is available to download on GitHub! It's now easy to download and install ProtonVPN on your Android device, even in countries where our website is blocked.

My first project live now: @webimg is image manipulation library written in that currently is able to image with PNG logo at desired transparency. Primary intention to use it with @writeas_dev image upload 🤓 Check it out it's free software 👏

@djoerd Somewhat expected 😁 Better use Chromium instead.

@gamingonlinux At the moment I download classic installer games from GOG and install them through PlayOnLinux (Wine). Would be nice if native app would be able to download and manage Windows games under Ubuntu and other flavors of Linux 🤓

@Gina Well, not directly - you can embed (hotlink) GIF as any other image. @writeas_dev has integrated @snap_as for image management, but it is not yet available as library for own-hosted instance of 🤔 There is a topic ongoing about image uploads, maybe @matt has some updates 🤓

@Gina Why not ? My experience with it is excellent - super fine for texts 👍

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