Upgrading @Mastodon to version 3.1.4? Might need to upgrade Node on your server too. My upgrade walkthrough updated: fedi.dev/gytis/update-mastodon

@inretio Welcome to fediverse! Let's see if ActivityPub integration works 🤓

@tindall Lenovo ThinkPads will be available with Fedora - announced during Red Hat Summit not log ago 👍

Now that Giphy has been acquired by FB, many have reached out to ask whether we should be concerned about Giphy search in Signal.

Signal already uses a privacy preserving approach to prevent gif search providers from receiving user data:signal.org/blog/signal-and-gip …

@nolan How is Google Play emabled Android any worse than Apple iOS which even locks you in with single browser (well, rendering engine), does not allow third party security apps and indeed does not allow you to avoid Apple Cloud? With Android you at least have choice (not to have Google Services). So it's misleading to even compare Andoid with proprietary OS and it's locked in infrastructure.

@aral rwx is very fine display (even better than digits): read/write/execute in corresponding order: owner, group, all. So rwx------ is more clear than 700 😁

@jeffalyanak I have started with Prometheus and Grafana - very nice 👍 Might not be so straightforward to setup, but very lightweight and convenient to use.

@mig5@aus.social @Gina @kev Nextcloud calendars works smooth - using also shared ones for several years now 👍

@fribbledom virt-manager is quite convenient GUI. Have you tried it? Any major blockers with it? 🤔

Updated @writeas_dev build from source on CentOS 7 guide: added tips on installing required Git v.2 and SELinux configuration steps (never hurry to disable SELinux!): fedi.dev/gytis/build-writefree

@writeas_dev @write_as Awesome, thanks! Will be running 0.12 + Gitea OAuth on production in a few moments 🤓

Seems @write_as code.as is down - I get 504 Gateway Time-out 🤔 Tried to pull @writeas_dev sources and stuck on code.as/core/socks 🤓

@gamingonlinux Follow up: I gave up trying to use XBOX Elite 2 on Linux (even though it is the BEST controller ever) after messing up my entire input devices due to wrong udev rule 😆 But I had success with GameSir G4S controller in X-input mode (there is another - D-input for Android) using hid_generic driver - both analog sticks had proper axes in Assassin's Creed Unity (Lutris) and Mafia 2 (PlayOnLinux) 👍

@gamingonlinux any luck gaming on Lutris / PlayOnLinux using controller? My all attempts with XBOX Elite 2 and GameSir G4s ended up having mess with axis: XBOX would have viewing axis sticked to RT and wrong one on R analog stick (happens on all games) 🤔 Interestingly Steam native Linux client makes XBOX controller work totally correct in HITMAN, but Steam has some magic joystick subsystem 🤓 I'm using xpadneo on Linux Mint.

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