Every time Musk opens his mouth the universe throws dice for the stupidest shit to come out

If you dual boot Linux and Windows on your machine, be careful with the most recent Window updates!

Microsoft disabled more than 100 SecureBoot signatures and locks out distros like Ubuntu 20.04 or Manjaro from booting on your computer.

You can temporarily disable SecureBoot in your BIOS settings, should you already be affected by this situation.

Anyone really think Domain Name System (DNS) can be replaced by some "domains on blockchain" whatever? Seriously, we struggle to bring  into addressing system and out of a sudden we will rework entire naming of the internet that's been there from the beginning? 🤣 Don't get me wrong: I adore  and implementations of  on  but it's just ridiculous how some think blockchain is a solution of just about everything. It's not.    

@makeworld I remember Midtown Madness, played a fair share of hours years ago 🎮

@homegrown Not trying to discourage people from running own mail servers, but it's far more complicayed than 10 years ago - if you don't implement all trending features, there is little chance mails will reach recipients at all or end up in spam folders 🧐 Gmail and Yahoo might not be too aggressive, but Outlook is pretty strict when receiving 😔

@homegrown No, non-technical person should not run e-mail service himself/herself since it's a huge challenge: warming up IPs, setting DNS PTR, adding SPF, DKIM, DANE, proper TLS, then constantly adjusting filtering and fighting spam bots, dealing with denylists, etc. I'd say managing mail server is a full-time job 🤔 And double these efforts if you're aiming to send mass mails (newsletters, automatic replies) 🔧

I remember one of the things that motivated me to look into the state of decentralized social media (and ultimately begin working on Mastodon) in 2016 were talks that a controversial billionaire might buy Twitter.

I am long time user of Signal but decided to give @threemaapp a try too 🤓 Not that I need a replacement but because I like paying for nice apps 😊

As now finally supports Mermaid.js there is really no further stoppers to use them everywhere 🤓 I've got to know this great plain text (therefore easy to version on ) diagramming library by Knut Sveidqvist when using @gitea for @inretio needs and liked it a lot to use also with (via plugin) for daily notes. Highly recommend!

Mermaid library: mermaid-js.github.io/

GitHub blog post: github.blog/2022-02-14-include

Plugin for VSCodium/VSCode: github.com/mjbvz/vscode-markdo

When greed undermines culture, disasters happen. At Boeing it literally happened two times with passenger aircraft 737 MAX killing hundreds. Senior management was only interested in stock prices - those criminals cut costs in engineering, quality assurance and training. Yet instead of jail time CEO Dennis Muilenburg walks away with $62.2m in stock and pension awards. He is back in industry now. This is outrageous. :netflix: "Downfall"

As co-founder Daniel Ek invested 9 figures EUR into defence startup Helsing and continues to host misinformation by Joe Rogan exclusively paying him 100m USD, it's time to leave this and platform for good. Highly encourage to esp. if you pay for Premium subscription.

Canonical, maker of #Ubuntu basically advertising for NFTs as some of it uses Ubuntu Core 🤦🤦gross.


It may not be them doing it directly, but that's a pretty clear NFT endorsement.

Did the folks at Canonical really think this through? Too busy seeing ££ signs perhaps? NFTs are shite, stop it.

Interesting to know: Corsair acquired Scuf Gaming, leader in performance console controllers, in 2019 which has a large portfolio of patents around rear paddles and trigger technology. XBOX Elite series controllers are licenced from Scuf Gaming :xbox_one_controller:

We applaud Google for implementing this much-needed feature. Now Apple needs to implement this feature as well, for the safety of their customers. eff.org/deeplinks/2022/01/vict

Max Schrems, the lawyer who successfully sued Facebook, has scored another victory; this time against Google: Austria's data protection authority has found that Google Analytics is illegal on European websites. #Fight4Privacy 💪💪💪
tutanota.com/blog/posts/google #GDPR #googleanalytics

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