@Linux Looks nice! Anyone already using these laptops and have some feedback? 🤓

@amdg2 @ConnyDuck Exactly - GitLab requires some juice from server and based on my experience cannot run on small ARM devices like Raspberry Pi or even Odroid. Whereas Gitea runs very fast and also has handy "mirror repository" function 👍

@ConnyDuck Gitea is very nice, lightweight and in fact looks very much like GitHub 😁

This weekend Vilnius will be full of superheroes, movie stars, cosplayers, gamers and popular culture enthusiasts. For the 3rd time Comic Con Baltics takes place at exhibition center Litexpo.


Fun fact: you can't name any file anywhere in windows 10 "aux.txt" or "aux" anything with any extension, because it was a reserved name in CP/M before dos was a thing.

If you commit "aux.txt" to a git repo, you break it for windows users. If you distribute "aux.txt" in a zip file, windows computers cannot extract it without error.

Running exim4 MTA on Ubuntu server? Check if you have CVE-2019-10149 vulnerability patched: <code>dpkg -l | grep exim4</code> should show <strong>exim4 4.90.1-1ubuntu1.4</strong>. More details: launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/e

Problems with after Bionic update? One of my servers started failing 2FA, turns out libidn was misbehaving. Revert to older version: wget mirrors.kernel.org/ubuntu/pool && dpkg -i libidn2-0_2.0.4-1.1build2_amd64.deb && apt-mark hold libidn2-0 to workaround it :ubuntu: bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+sou

@matt @write_as @snap_as @remark_as If there's anything I could help with, would be great to know 👍

My dream for Mastodon is for it to be a viable choice as a publishing platform for any creator. In other words, for people to not feel like they're locked in to Twitter or Instagram if they want to be professionally successful.

@matt @write_as Any news regarding @snap_as and @remark_as ? Very much looking forward to any possible integrations with 🤓

"It is easy to think that a Linux shell like Bash is just a way to enter commands at a terminal." https://hackaday.com/2019/08/26/linux-fu-its-a-trap/

Installed Touch Screen for Raspberry Pi - still deciding to use it for home automation panel or display Grafana's dashboard with stats of my servers 🤓 Interestingly the biggest trouble to enable touch functionality was not the driver or display server - turned out I was using microUSB cable that was power only (without data channel) 😁 Proper cables are important 🤔

Anyone has tips on how to install Prometheus on CentOS without setting SELINUX=disabled? 🤔

@emacsen To run server you will need stable, good reputation IP - VPNs simply won't provide such 🧐

Ça c'est génial comme projet, et en plus si ça permet de montrer le développement de logiciels libres et de sortir de la main mise de Twitch et Co.

r/selfhosted - Open Streaming Platform - Beta 2 Release

Open Streaming Platform (OSP) is an open-source, RTMP streamer software front-end for Arut's NGINX RTMP Module.
OSP was designed a self-hosted alternative to services like Twitch.tv, Ustream.tv, and Youtube Live.


@mathdatech Now that would make a super nice tool if combined with @peertube in some way 🤓

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