Since :writefreely: supports MathJax, maybe it would easily integrate MermaidJS for convenient graphing? 🤓 I really like them on Gitea :gitea: Would spend some time on Pull Request for sure 😊 @matt @writeas_dev

Enabled Web Monetization on powered 💰 Wondering how to make nice interledger payment handles like @write_as @matt has? 🤓

Updated @writeas_dev build from source on CentOS 7 guide: added tips on installing required Git v.2 and SELinux configuration steps (never hurry to disable SELinux!):

Seems @write_as is down - I get 504 Gateway Time-out 🤔 Tried to pull @writeas_dev sources and stuck on 🤓

My first project live now: @webimg is image manipulation library written in that currently is able to image with PNG logo at desired transparency. Primary intention to use it with @writeas_dev image upload 🤓 Check it out it's free software 👏

@write_as v.0.10 is out with two pull requests by me: translation and LESSC fix on 😊 Thanks for mentioning 😊 For those who build from source here's quick upgrade guide: @matt @writefreely

Still sloppy with git, but finally forked @write_as and suggested my first pull request 😊 Almost ready to submit my build walkthrough, need few polishing steps though 🙄

Build @write_as :writefreely: on :redhat: - my draft walkthrough at 😊 Would be very grateful for feedback, will pull-request afterwards to @writeas_dev git repo :linux: @matt

@snap_as source is probably not available for setting up own instance..? Would be so cool to use from own instance of 🤓 @write_as @writeas_dev

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