Facebook and it's services (Instagram, WhatsApp) are experiencing major outage. Perfect time to consider ditching them and moving to ethical networks 🧐

Wrote blog post about in 🇱🇹 - hope this will help to spread the idea of ethical social networks and importance of avoiding toxic media 💪Available @gytis@blog.gyt.is blog.gyt.is/lt/2020/12/29/etis

Updated @writeas_dev build from source on CentOS 7 guide: added tips on installing required Git v.2 and SELinux configuration steps (never hurry to disable SELinux!): fedi.dev/gytis/build-writefree

@write_as v.0.10 is out with two pull requests by me: translation and LESSC fix on 😊 Thanks for mentioning 😊 For those who build from source here's quick upgrade guide: fedi.dev/gytis/update-writefre @matt @writefreely

Hope some day there will be @pixelfed alternative in vanilla PHP... I'm having a hard time with all those Laravels, composers, artisans, horizons... Nasty! Plain old PHP is the best 😁 @pixeldev

Planning to run @pixelfed instance, registered image.as for it 😊 This will complete my full set of tools: @gytis@fedi.dev (notes), @gytis@videotape.me (videos) and also blog compatible with at @gytis@blog.gyt.is 🤓

I must say I enjoy reading comments below Facebook's tweet that their systems are recovering. People explain how critical is to them and request urgent personal attention 😁 Yeah, right, guess if they gonna get it 🤣 It ain't 😆

Got myself a video platform - setup own instance of at videotape.me to share voice and video interviews, gameplay and other casts 🎞️ No more restrictions 🛑 Follow for updates: @gytis@videotape.me 🎬

Absolute majority of my IT knowlege came using software and hardware, solving issues, asking questions, rebuilding, discussing, improving, understanding and enjoying. Can't thank the community enough ❤️ fsfe.org/campaigns/ilovefs/

Today I have deleted my pages I had on next is data download and deleting profile. Going towards 💪 going


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