@gamingonlinux any luck gaming on Lutris / PlayOnLinux using controller? My all attempts with XBOX Elite 2 and GameSir G4s ended up having mess with axis: XBOX would have viewing axis sticked to RT and wrong one on R analog stick (happens on all games) 🤔 Interestingly Steam native Linux client makes XBOX controller work totally correct in HITMAN, but Steam has some magic joystick subsystem 🤓 I'm using xpadneo on Linux Mint.

@gamingonlinux Follow up: I gave up trying to use XBOX Elite 2 on Linux (even though it is the BEST controller ever) after messing up my entire input devices due to wrong udev rule 😆 But I had success with GameSir G4S controller in X-input mode (there is another - D-input for Android) using hid_generic driver - both analog sticks had proper axes in Assassin's Creed Unity (Lutris) and Mafia 2 (PlayOnLinux) 👍

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