Getting that itch to use linux more as my daily driver. My xps13 still has Fedora Silverblue on it.. But every time I sit down to use it.. I find my self not wanting to mess with the ostree to get all of my programs and config loaded in.

Might be time for a distro hop on it.

Manjaro for some reason is calling me.

But i've been hoping to see the pop! OS beta come out. The tiling extension teased looks interesting -

What should I load up? :D

@geekgonecrazy For me it's @ubuntu based for laptops and PCs (preferably Linux Mint Mate) and CentOS for servers. I find RPM distros more stable and friendlier to troubleshoot (maybe because I have more experience with them), but DEB based ones simply are easier for end users esp. when it comes to libraries, drivers, etc. I do like Fedora's approach to software licencing attitude though 👍

@gytis @ubuntu I’ve actually seen many take this approach. Definitely a good way to stay familiar with both package managers 😁. I do like securing centos over Ubuntu.

You are the second one to mention Linux mint Mate. Curious why Linux mint mate vs regular ‘ol Ubuntu mate? What is mint bringing to table extra?

@geekgonecrazy @ubuntu Personally for me good start with Linux Mint was due to Cinnamon which is continution of good old Gnome 2 traditions. Later on I find myself on Mate which became much more stable recently. Key factor choosing over plain @ubuntu is Kernel management app and mintupdater which makes version updates so easy 👍

@gytis @geekgonecrazy @ubuntu good choice 🤓
I am still using #Cinnamon but only because I like the extra "bling" effect of it. Might should give #Mate another try 🤔.....


@toxision @geekgonecrazy @ubuntu Cinnamon has very nice widgets but I remember I had some issues configuring displays with proprietary Nvidia driver. Not sure if directly related anyhow, but Mate worked better :linux:

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