After a small discussion this morning (, we're adding support for the `commentsEnabled` field, which is now in both @pixelfed and #PeerTube.

This will land in our next #WriteFreely release, v0.9


@writeas_dev Does that mean will have post comments functionality? I might be missing something there... I know it works on @Chocobozzz smoothly 👍 Or for comments to be on WriteFreely will have to wait for @remark_as ? 🤓 @write_as

@writeas_dev @Chocobozzz @remark_as @write_as Sorry, failed to read first: "WriteFreely doesn't support comments today, so this will always be false." 🤓

@gytis Yep :) They'll have to wait for @remark_as. But in the meantime, hopefully other platforms will start supporting this as well, so people can see that comments are disabled right now. And then when we add comments, people will be able to see which posts they're enabled on. @Chocobozzz @write_as

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