Hope some day there will be @pixelfed alternative in vanilla PHP... I'm having a hard time with all those Laravels, composers, artisans, horizons... Nasty! Plain old PHP is the best 😁 @pixeldev

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I strongly disagree. For a real project, without decent framework, plain old PHP code is sadly an unmaintainable spaghetti code.
Unfortunately, some developers of
#fediverse projects have forgotten that (or are too young to have that experience yet)

@ayla Depends how you look at it: frameworks create trap situations and are super difficult to grasp on initially. I can quickly debug pretty much any WordPress issue, but damn Laravel errors makes me abandon @pixelfed 😣 My point is good knowledge of language (PHP here) has too little to do with actual framework that's being used 🤔 And that's disappointing 😐 @pixeldev

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