So I've been thinking about email.

Problem when you host your own email is that it often ends up in spam. Which is... kinda silly.

Could we build a web of trust type of service when it comes to email, to avoid getting email end up in spam, and make it reliable again?


@maloki Running my own mail server(s) for like 15 years now. Nowadays you need: clean IP address with PTR matching hostname, domain that's been online for few years, DKIM (a must!), DMARC, good SPF setup (not just default one) and fair settings of SpamAssassin to not receive spam yourself 😃 It is mission possible 😉

@gytis you're saying this from a position of privilege though.

I do not have the energy (in the mental health sense) to look at all of that. I don't even know what most of it means, which is another barrier of entry.

I can't "learn" all of it either, because of my mental and cognitive health.

You could have taken the time to have a look at the responses to the post to see if your response had already been posted in one form or another, or seen what kind of conversion we had.

@maloki If messing with own servers is not suitable approach, why not use @protonmail ? Runs smooth with custom domain and you get all of the mentioned technical pieces of the puzzle set up for you 🤓 Apparently I was reading not full thread - my instance might been slow to federate, sorry for that.

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