Getting "Invalid hexadeximal constant" error when querying BYTE column with 'value'xb? Make sure there are no dashes - switch them off in Options > Data Format > Display dashes between bytes for Binary data values 👍

Even though creating and dropping views in is a bit expensive, they are mandatory when trying to do UPDATE in - otherwise following error is displayed: Full pushdown optimization stops at the target because update on Teradata requires a view, and view creation is not enabled.

Efficient Slowly Changing Dimension type 1 in : separate INSERT detection port (record doesn't exist on target) from UPDATE port (check all columns for changes) and evaluate them separately in Filter Transformations. Benefit: generated query for INSERT will not have complex WHERE condition which UPDATE uses.

Sadly: Full optimization stops at the target [target] because on is not supported in the presence of the joiner or lookup. - Informatica Solution: replace Joiner Transformations with overrides in Source Qualifiers and it will work. Some say Update Strategy doesn't work with but actually it does: both DD_INSERT and DD_UPDATE 👍 When is done on target you can use Joiner though.

How to convert into when part after decimal separator is not needed and you don't want trailing dot in the end of string in ? Use CAST(CAST(9.00 AS FORMAT 'Z(I)') AS VARCHAR(50))

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